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Here’s a new GPS speedometer that’s a guaranteed fit... because it is the original!

The infusion is straight forward. The stock Airguide gauge is easily disassembled.

Our step-by-step manual will guide you to remove the old ‘Pressure-Mechanical’ parts, and install the new AirGlide GPS upgrade.

The kit has all the components required to accomplish the conversion.

The AirGlide has integrated Backlighting, using life-time White LEDs   (Red are an option).

There is a simple Calibration process.

Wiring is required, and is akin to installing a Car Stereo.

The GPS Receiver is included.

The Optional GPS Y-Splitter allows one GPS to feed two gauges.

This one board fits all Airguide models.

Works with 50, 60 and 80 MPH scales; and KPH too.

Convert your Airguide Gauges to GPS...  It’s a retro-fit, that isn’t complicated. The new AirGlide module is in. The case easily comes apart! pull the old ‘internals’ out.

Our kits option an Internal or External GPS receiver. Both have the same excellent GPS reception. The Internal has the advantage of fewer connections. However, the Internal requires the mandatory use of our new (plastic) dial… the stock metal dials significantly block the GPS signal. Should you wish the continued use of the original dial (or have to), then purchase the External kit.

[ The new dials only fit Model 2025, and don’t fit the Model 725 and earlier. ]

Buy Kit YOU-TUBE HOW-TO  CONVERT FAQ Your 2025 gauge is  the new GPS gauge!

Works with the model 700’s too.