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  • The Paddlewheel speed is replaced by GPS speed.
  • A simple, straightforward install attaches the NL4's three wires to the Electronic Speedo’s posts. [Grey Cable is 2 feet long].
  • The Swift GPS Receiver is included. It has great sensitivity and blazing fast Satellite Sync. [Cable length is 6 feet.]
  • GPS has better reliability, stability, and speed tracking.
  • Optional PerfectPass Patch cable will feed GPS speed to Wakeboard or Digital Pro… see below.

NL4-FA - GPS Upgrade for Faria Electronic Speedometers


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For Reference Only. Not Included.

A second cable is added to feed the speed signal from

the NL4 to your PerfectPass Wakeboard/Digital Pro.


Grey Cable: 2 feet long.  [Connector will not fit DBW]

Option: PerfectPass Patch Cable


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