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Our products use a single GPS Receiver to provide it with velocity data. The Receiver is

a small watertight pod, with an internal antenna. Position the pod with a direct line of

sight of the sky (and the satellites beyond).  The pod’s power and communication

cable is attached to the NLx. For the receiver collects GPS data, and tells the NLx

your boat’s speed. In turn, the NLx updates the speedometer/computer module.

This GPS Receiver has excellent sensitivity, and WAAS correction. A typical

‘cold-start’ Satellite fix is acquired within a minute; a ‘warm-start’ within seconds.

 And they have a velocity (speed) accuracy of 0.11 MPH (steady state).


Even though the Sensitivity is exceptional and can be mounted

 under the fiberglass, we suggest you don’t.

For you’ll  want the GPS to sync as quickly as possible.

 Do this by maximizing its exposure to the GPS signal.

 Anything you can do to improve the signal strength between the GPS receiver

and the Satellites above is a plus.  For one must consider there’ll be weird weather,

canyon walls, or whatever to occasionally diminish the GPS signal.

We recommend mounting the GPS Receiver out in the open, with a direct line

of sight with the sky; the windshield and cloth tops are of no concern.

Avoid mounting it next to Stereo amplifiers and Speakers.

You’ll be amazed on how fast our Swift GPS will sync.

GPS RECEIVERS Internal Swift GPS Module On the AGR Retrofit. Mount the GPS with the rubber pad side down.    A Green LED status indicator emits from the ‘thin’ edge:   It flashes when attempting to Satellite Sync.   It remains On solid when  the Sync is established.


   10Hz (100ms) update rate.

   Weatherproof housing.

   Activitiy status LED.

   Ultra Fast warm start!

   Cable Length: 2.0m



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