nautic Laugic intelligent boating products PayPal: View Cart ...Hit the lake and enjoy the fact that your gauges work! I sure did!  Damien  in  Phoenix, AZ [ Click on the quote to view the entire comment ] Finally, after a year and a half of messing with my cruise control problem, it is fixed!!   Terry  in  Denver, CO ...This is probably the best upgrade I have done to my boat.  Daniel  in  Quebec, CA Nautic Laugic is a registered trade name of Xactrix LLC Reviews  Customer Installs ...I think IT IS AMAZING. You guys have a great product...  Mike  in Groveland, FL ...It holds speed MUCH better surfing and wakeboarding!!  Matt  in Dublin, CA I installed the NL4-PP today. It took 5 minutes...  Alex  in  QLD, AU Cary, The install was a piece of piss, mate,  very quick and easy.  Rance  in  QLD, AU The NL4-PP works  great!  Brent in Sunset, UT ... If you’re looking to get GPS accuracy with out a big hit to the pocket book...   Dan in  Highland, UT working excellent on our 07' Supra 22SSV.  Drew  in Twin Lake, MI ...Installation was a snap, and the old Medallion Speedos are spot-on.  David  in  Reno,  NV Plug and play GPS conversion kit WakeWorld Forum Ben in Fresno, CA