Nautic Laugic Call   360 901-4030 Get your boat a GPS upgrade! The NL4-Fa attaches directly to your Electronic Dash Speedometer . If your boat has a paddlewheel, then let’s get it upgraded to GPS.  Or you need to add a paddlewheel, but don’t want to drill that hole...  This is the Perfect substitute, with Better performance. The easiest Paddlewheel to GPS conversion ever. A very easy install. Simply disconnect the paddlewheel signal wire from the back of the Faria speedometer; Attach the NL4’s green wire in its place. Attach the red wire to BATT, and the black wire to GND. Plug in the GPS and you’re good to go! AirMar / Raymarine  The NL4 is a direct GPS upgrade for Airmar or  Raymarine ST300 Thru-Hull Speed Sensors (paddlewheels). Purchase the NL4-FA, and apply the signals wires exactly as  prescribed for the ST300.  Compatible with the Raymarine ST40, ST60 If your boat has an After Market PerfectPass Wakeboard or Digital Pro, then have us add the PerfectPass Patch Cable to your NL4-FA. Now you’ll have GPS speed fed to both the Faria and the PerfectPass. ST60 Wiring Diagram BUY